Recommended Chronic Fatigue Treatments

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, you know how challenging it can be to revitalize your health and get back to the optimal state of vibrancy you had before. If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), you know your condition can often hold you back from exerting more energy no matter how much you might want to.

At the American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM), we take a holistic approach to biological medicine. Whether your fatigue is a major symptom or side effect presenting in the body due another health-related issue of if you suffer from CFS/ME, we can help.

Over the last month, we have been discussing various treatment options offered at the ACBM that can help individuals with a variety of ailments. Below we have rounded-up treatment options that are particularly helpful in treating chronic fatigue and increasing your energy levels. Let’s take a closer look.

Colon Hydrotherapy

In our blog Detox Your Body with Colon Hydrotherapy, we consulted with the Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Colonics Expert Dawn Nasta about the detox process and what colonics entails. Colon hydrotherapy aids the body in eliminating stored fecal matter in the colon which lessens the potential for what’s called “autointoxication” or the recycling of toxins throughout the body. Dawn recommends colon hydrotherapy to those of us that are exposed to toxins and stress, so just about everyone, especially those suffering from chronic fatigue.

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Find Balance in Your Life with Colonics

At the American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM), we initially consulted with Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Colonics Expert Dawn Nasta in Detox Your Body with Colon Hydrotherapy. We then went beyond the technical information as we consulted again with Dawn in What Can I Expect During My Colon Hydrotherapy Appointment?

At the ACBM, we talk about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy often because of how dynamic and widespread the advantages truly are. Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonics, helps to detox the body. In detoxing the body, you are able to rebalance and get back to an optimal state of health. Below we listed some of the many benefits of colonics and how colon hydrotherapy can help you achieve a sense of balance in your health journey.


Dawn says that colon hydrotherapy aids the body in eliminating stored fecal matter in the colon which lessens the potential for what’s called “autointoxication” or the recycling of toxins throughout the body. Dawn says, “Due to the quality of food, the toxins we are exposed to, and stress, everyone can benefit from colon hydrotherapy.”

Detoxification is the main function of colon hydrotherapy and thus produces residual benefits. Once those toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis are out of the body, we can function optimally. Doctors often mention that the digestive system is like the body’s second brain. How our digestive system functions has an effect on how we think, move, feel (both physically and emotionally), and so much more.

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Train Your Brain with Neurofeedback

The American Center of Biological Medicine (ACBM) is located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. At the ACBM, we understand the summertime slump that happens in Arizona. That is why there is no better time than summer to get your brain back into shape.

We consulted with Naturopathic Doctor Ann Marie Milliken on ways to get your brain back to better cognitive functioning through biological medical treatment options. Dr. Milliken gave us some insights about neurofeedback and how this treatment process can help improve attention, alertness, and more.
If you have been experiencing brain fog or that Arizona summertime slump, neurofeedback could be the right solution for you.

How can neurofeedback help shape your brain?

Dr. Milliken says that neurofeedback is a noninvasive process where brain waves are monitored in real time in order to produce changes in brain wave activity and create normal brain wave patterns.

A computer monitors brain wave activity while the patient watches a movie or listens to music. When deviations from normal brain wave activity occur, the computer triggers audio and visual cues that alert the brain that it is outside normal ranges. The brain then subconsciously adjusts itself back to normal patterns to make the cue stop.

Through repetition of this process, the brain eventually learns to stay in the normal ranges on its own. This is based on operant conditioning, which is a method of learning where rewards for positive behavior encourage and strengthen that behavior.

How does neurofeedback enhance cognitive performance?

Neurofeedback changes the activation and patterns of brain waves (Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta) in different lobes of the brain, which:

  • Improves communication between various regions of the brain
  • Adjusts asymmetries
  • Regulates the amount and magnitude of each brain wave in specific areas of the brain

Dr. Milliken says, “By adjusting the brain wave patterns into optimal ranges, we see improvements in attention, alertness, cognitive function, and emotional regulation.”

Who would you recommend neurofeedback treatment to?

Dr. Milliken says that neurofeedback is intended for people with nervous system conditions. It is very beneficial for anyone with anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, ADD, migraines, memory loss, and for anyone who has had a concussion or other brain injury.

What can patients expect during a neurofeedback appointment?

  1. During the first appointment, we record a patient’s qEEG brain map. To do this, we place an electrode cap on the head that measures the electrical impulses in the brain. The results show brain wave patterns in different parts of the brain.
  2. The neurofeedback physician receives a brain map report that evaluates the activity of the Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta brain waves in each lobe of the brain, which is then then used to develop the training protocol.
  3. During the training sessions, patients watch a movie or listen to music for 30 minutes with two small electrodes attached to their scalp. These electrodes provide information regarding brain wave activity to our Neurointegration software, which records the brain waves and displays the data in real time on a computer screen that is monitored by the neurofeedback physician.
  4. The incoming brain waves are compared to that of optimal brain wave activity. If the brain waves deviate from the normal ranges, the audio and video of the movie and music fade. The brain detects this and refocuses itself back into the proper ranges so that the picture and sound return. This is based on operant conditioning, where the brain is rewarded when the movie and music return to normal.
  5. Over time, the brain learns to stay in the optimal ranges without the reward stimulus from the computer.

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Symptoms of Lyme Disease & its Co-Infections

Lyme disease has been called “The Great Imitator” because its symptoms are so diverse & can mimic other diseases.  As an example, Kris Kristofferson was initially diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease.  His symptoms of progressive memory loss matched this diagnosis.  It turned out that he was positive for Lyme disease.  With treatment focused on Lyme disease, his symptoms began to change within weeks.

Lyme disease was first recognized in the mid 1970’s when a group of children & adults from Lyme, Connecticut began experiencing inflammatory arthritis.  Because of this, most people think of Lyme disease as a disease primarily involving the joints.

We now know that the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, Borrelia, is also a nervous system infection.  As the Kris Kristofferson story illustrates, we have been missing a larger group of people who have symptoms that involve the brain and nervous system.

Because there is such a variety of symptoms associated with this infection (not to mention the symptoms of the common co-infections), it can get a little murky when using symptoms to decide which, if any, infections are present.

For instance, people with Babesia infections often sleep in excess of 9 hours per day without feeling recovered.  But Bartonella infections often cause an issue with insomnia.  What if one has an infection with both of these bugs?  It becomes difficult to determine by simply symptoms alone.

Dr. Richard Horowitz, a pioneer in the field of Lyme disease identification & treatment, has proposed a new name for the illnesses that are associated with Lyme & its co-infections called Multiple Systemic Infection Disease Syndrome (MSIDS).  He has also developed a questionnaire that is purported to be correlated to the presence of Lyme disease & its co-infections by 88%.  It is called the Horowitz MSIDS Questionnaire.

If you score greater than 21 on this questionnaire, it becomes more likely that you have a ‘tick-borne infection’.  This means one or more of the bugs we’ve discussed in these blogs could be present. The next step would be to get some lab testing.  More on testing in the next blog, coming this month.

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Men’s Health – Naturopathic Medicine for Optimal Wellness

At The American Center for Biological Medicine, we are wearing blue to celebrate Men’s Health Month! This month we want to dig a little deeper into naturopathic medicine and how it can benefit men’s health.

We consulted again with our go-to expert in men’s health–resident Naturopathic Doctor Michael Major about what sets naturopathic medicine apart and how naturopathic treatment options can better serve and benefit men’s health.

How do naturopathic physicians treat the whole body?

Dr. Major says that it is important to keep in mind that the term “naturopath” is a subjective description added to the doctor qualification. He continues saying that all medical schools provide similar curriculum for the first two years of school. The first year involves learning anatomy and physiology and the second year involves general medical pathologies. So first-year students learn how the body works and second-year students learn everything that can go wrong.

Allopathic physicians are geared heavily toward emergency protocols that involve pharmaceutical interventions and surgeries. Naturopathic physicians are encouraged to recall how the body works whenever working with a patient. By taking this approach, a physician will be less likely to focus solely on stopping signs or symptoms of the body’s dysfunction and more likely to predominantly address the causes of dysfunction.

Dr. Major says, “The human body has developed natural physiological laws that allow for it to thrive. By embracing those natural laws, the body can take care of itself better than any modern medical intervention.”

What are some recommended treatments specifically geared toward men that are beneficial to men’s health?

Dr. Major says that physically active men that have aging-related concerns such as decreased energy, declining libido, disrupted sleep, and non-resolving aches and pains can benefit from the following therapies offered at The American Center for Biological Medicine:

  • Hormone optimization with bioidentical hormones
  • Nutritional IV
  • Dextrose prolotherapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) regenerative injection
  • Stem cell injection
  • Acupuncture
  • HVLA – chiropractic manual adjustment

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Improve Your Body With IV Therapy

At The American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM), we would like to take a moment to thank our health-crazed patients and avid blog readers. We want to end June’s theme of Better in Health, Better in Bed on a high note by consulting directly with the man behind the ACBM name, Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot, NMD. Dr. Drobot is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and one of the founders of the ACBM. We asked him a number of questions about IV therapy and how it can help improve your body and your sex life.

We know that an intravenous (IV) drip is often associated with a visit to the hospital, but, in truth, IV therapies are vast and wide and exist in a variety of different “cocktails” so to speak to better help those health nuts and elite athletes out there achieve a sense of optimal health. Below, Dr. Drobot explains those vast and wide benefits of IV therapies and their effect on achieving a healthy body and a healthy sex life.

How does the body benefit from IV Therapy?

Dr. Drobot says that IV therapy is the most effective way of receiving the majority of vitamins and nutrients needed to improve your health primarily due to the increased amount of absorption. Many oral supplements can only be absorbed properly up to a certain dose without causing undesirable side effects. For example, Vitamin C taken in high doses orally causes gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea, which is not exactly pleasant to encounter when preparing for an intimate moment.

Dr. Drobot continues, “The best route to absorb the nutrients we’ll be discussing today is through the bloodstream of the body. Not only are the vitamins and nutrients being absorbed at nearly 100%, but there is little to no gastrointestinal side effects from the infusions because the digestive tract is being bypassed.”

What vitamins can I take at home to increase my energy in the bedroom?

  • Vitamin C – Liposomal Vitamin C is absorbed better than a pill or capsule form. It helps increase blood flow, which is necessary for the genitals. Vitamin C, in turn, can increase sexual performance and function and can decrease the downtime of your acute illnesses.
  • Vitamin B12 – An at-home injection therapy or active formulation of B vitamins is absorbed best in an at-home scenario. Vitamin B12 increases energy, improves immune function, and decreases symptoms of fatigue and low stamina.
  • L-Arginine – The powder form or liquid form of L-Arginine is the best for absorption. L-Arginine causes vasodilation allowing more blood flow and circulation to the entire body, including the penis and the vagina. L-Arginine can also increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, improve cardiovascular health, and improve fertility.
  • Vitamin E – Vitamin E capsules or liquid allows for the strongest form of absorption. Vitamin E helps to increase blood circulation and the amount of vaginal secretions, which allows for a more pleasurable experience for women.
  • Magnesium – Magnesium pills, powder, oils, or an Epsom salt soak in the bath are all great ways for absorption. Magnesium increases blood circulation by causing vasodilation, which increases blood flow to genitals in both males and females. Magnesium also helps in the production and transmission of hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, as well as several neurotransmitters. This also adds to the healthy production of sperm and eggs for reproduction, which can improve erectile dysfunction in men. In addition, magnesium can also aid in helping you relax from a stressful day and decrease your physical tension.

What IV therapies do you offer patients at the ACBM?

  • Rehydrate IV – Dehydration can cause several symptoms in the body, some of which can consist of dry mucus membranes (vaginal and oral included), headaches, nausea, dizziness, and a feeling of overall exhaustion. This 30- to 60-minute infusion of electrolyte or colloidal infusion can rapidly rehydrate the body and almost instantly resolve some of the symptoms of dehydration that may be presenting.Power Push – Perfect for patients who desire to increase their energy and endurance, but have a very busy schedule. This 15-minute infusion is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals specific to increase energy and quickly.
  • Energy Drip (a.k.a, Myers’ Cocktail) – This IV is packed full of vitamins and minerals that will keep the body from feeling fatigued and get rid of low energy and/or low stamina in bed. This drip is filled with Vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, and a long list of other influential nutrients.
  • Immune IV – Is your partner avoiding you because you are sick? This is the IV for you. Not only can this IV shorten the duration of your illness, but it can also increase your stamina in the bedroom. This powerful dose of vitamins and minerals is formulated to support both acute and chronic illnesses. The Immune IV contains a strong dose of vitamin C and can boost your immune system and decrease the recovery time from your illness. High doses of Vitamin C (15 grams or more) have been proven to combat infections and are found in high concentrations within immune cells. During an infectious period, your immune cells rapidly deplete their store of Vitamin C decreasing your immune system. By increasing the immune cells’ Vitamin C levels, it allows the body to recover quickly back to a normal immune state.
  • Performance IV – Originally designed for athletic performance and recovery, this IV has added potential benefits that are suitable for likewise achieving a better sex life. This IV is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients from our Energy IV with an increased amount of hydration and an addition of amino acids. Among these amino acids is arginine, which has been proven to increase blood flow and circulation. The vagina and penis have a network of blood vessels that are essential for sensation and arousal. This 45- to 60-minute infusion can not only help you on your way to improving your performance, but can help with your cardiovascular health keeping you young and agile.
  • Glutathione – Your body operates best when it is clean and detoxified. Glutathione is the “Master Antioxidant” in your body and can play a very important role in cleaning up toxins and protecting cellular health by clearing out free radicals. Not only is glutathione helpful for keeping you feeling great, but it also keeps you looking great. Glutathione helps to brighten the skin and can be used in combination with other therapies to increase the collagen production in the body. This IV can be added to an existing infusion or be given by itself in quick drip.

How often should I get IV therapy?

Dr. Drobot generally recommends 4 to 8 IV infusions per month for the average patient. Every patient is different and requires slightly different doses, which can be customized to the patient’s own needs. At the ACBM, we have a highly trained staff of physicians and nurses to help you design the right combination and fit for you.

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Why Does He Have a Low Sex Drive?

At The American Center for Biological Medicine we are wearing blue in celebration of Men’s Health Month! As temperatures in Scottsdale rise during June, we want to address some likewise hot health topics related to this month’s theme Better in HealthBetter in Bed.

Us health nuts out there understand that achieving health and balance in life is no simple task. It is complex, but rewarding. When you achieve a sense of well-being in one area of your life it can reverberate out into your career, your fitness ventures, and, yes, the bedroom.

If you are searching around for answers about why your partner has a low sex drive, we can help. We went to hormone optimization and endocrine health expert Naturopathic Medical Doctor Michael Major to see what a low libido, or sexual drive, might be a symptom of and how to address this issue effectively.

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Colon Hydrotherapy And Its Benefits

Digestive health care may be essential, especially since we grow old. As humans, we try most everything in order to have a gut that is balanced. We incorporate fiber into our everyday diet, eat well and try to make sure we have no digestive issues. However, some ailments may arise and, therefore, are connected into the digestive tract by which therapy becomes necessary. Along with colon hydrotherapy, patients have the substitute for cleaning waste material from the colon that might be impacting your human body in a harmful manner.
Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, has become a treatment which goes to ancient times. The objective is to eliminate toxic materials out of your system, meaning you might do the job far better. Along with colon hydrotherapy, the person puts back on their side combined with water, around 60 minutes, is set to the colon and smashed into the digestive tract. The water will help remove any toxic materials that render and stay through the anus.
The treatment type is advised for the ones that have bowel issues along with secondary problems that are associated with gut function problems. While mainly water may be utilized, herbal enhancements may be put from the treatment to help detoxify the body through the hydro-therapy process.
Moving back into ancient times, the aim of cleaning the colon had been presumed to clean away meat or other food items that had not digested while these were supposedly causing a build-up of mucus. The accumulation produces toxins which could then enter the stream of blood vessels and then toxin your system. This, of course, was that the belief at ancient times and patients thought that the process would alleviate distress, energy problems, exhaustion, etc.
Now, colon hydrotherapy is considered a simple technique to eliminate toxins out of the body, helping reduce whatever trapped inside the colon walls. Patients often think colon hydrotherapy can reap psychological view, losing weight, enhancing the overall immune system and lowering the possibility of cancer of the colon.
When a person has faulty bowel movements or issues with bowel movements, colon hydrotherapy could be indicated.
I hope you have got important information regarding “Colon Hydrotherapy and its benefits”.

Treating the Immune System to Fight an Autoimmune Disorder

Immune shield

With an autoimmune disorder, the individual affected will have tissue of the body attacked and damaged. An autoimmune disease is created due to an immune deficiency. The body does not have the ability to fight invaders such as viruses or bacteria. An unknown trigger will be in the body that will cause the immune system to produce antibodies that attack the tissues in the body. In someone without an autoimmune disease, the antibodies would actually fight the infection. In the case of an autoimmune disorder, the condition must be treated based on reducing the activity of the immune system. Continue reading “Treating the Immune System to Fight an Autoimmune Disorder”

Fighting Immune Disorders with IV Therapy

Fighting Disorders with IV TherapyIV therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, has been used for centuries as a way to tend to the sick and afflicted. Today, IV therapy involves the administration of fluids directly into the vein to treat a variety of conditions, including immune disorders. Over the centuries, IV therapy has evolved and today is used in a number of ways to treat disease and medical conditions. With IV therapy, nutrients are delivered to the body straight into the vein, avoiding the digestive system as with standard medications. This way, the full effect of the nutrients can be absorbed by the body for maximum effect.

With an immune disorder, the individual affected will see their immune system act differently than it should. An unknown trigger will signal the immune system to produce antibodies that will attack the tissues of the body, depending on the immune disorder that is present. The antibodies are normally supposed to fight an infection or disease. With an immune deficiency, the body is attacked. To fight the side effects of the immune disorder, IV therapy is used. Immune disorders do not have a cure, so the main goal is to fight the symptoms the condition causes.

Examples of Immune Disorders

There are many medical conditions that fall within the category of immune disease. One example is rheumatoid arthritis. In an individual with this condition, the immune system creates antibodies that stick to the joints of the body. The cells attack the joints and create pain, swelling, and inflammation. Without treatment, permanent damage to the joints can be caused. IV therapy is one way in which this condition can be treated to avoid permanent damage to the body.

Another example of immune disease is lupus. Individuals who ha

ve lupus will see their immune system create antibodies that will attach to several points of the body, including the nerves, blood cells, and joints. Treatment must be provided to reduce the function of the immune system to stop the attack on various points in the body.

Example of IV Therapy

When it comes to IV therapy, there are many options for treatment. The concoction used will be determined based on the condition the individual faces. When it comes to autoimmune disorders, individuals can benefit from oxidative IV therapy. This therapy type uses hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and ultraviolet blood irradiation to heal as well as detoxify the body. Lack of oxygen can play a role in affecting the body negatively when it comes to immune issues. Using oxidative therapy can be beneficial by adding what the body needs for a positive effect.

With IV therapy, the nutrients placed in the body help to control how the cells function at the cellular level. As the cells begin to work properly, the organs will function well and an overall increase in well-being is seen. Many people find that with IV therapy, they see a decrease in symptoms from immune issues and are able to complete daily activities with ease.

Every patient varies so it is important to do your research on your immune condition and how it could be affected by IV therapy. By learning more, you will feel more comfortable with IV therapy as an option. The main benefit of this therapy type is that nutrients are absorbed directly into the body. By avoiding the GI tract, the necessary nutrients are delivered in a more effective way, helping you to see a decrease in side effects from the immune condition.

Speak to an IV therapy specialist to learn more about the therapeutic response from this therapy type and learn how you might benefit from regular IV treatment.